Our Work


Based at PRESENCE, Women’s  Resource centre, women share space and information in order to work together toward common goals.

Women’s and gender-related issues will be the main focus, so that the needs of women will continue to be addressed. PRESENCE is of great benefit, mainly, to isolated and ‘in-need’ women, as Rivers continues to empower women seeking to improve their lifestyles and needing support to remove obstacles and challenges along the way.

The wider community of Rivers works to secure investments to develop, inspire and empower these local women. Rivers believes that community engagements enables women to better understand the community they live in and allows for organisations to better understand the complicated needs of our local women.

What we deliver:

• Organising community events and activities, such as cultural awareness week, Parliament week, International women’s Day
• Activities aimed at developing skills for residents to benefit them and the area
• Help for groups and organisations to develop their resources to support the communities they come from
• Help for communities influence the planning and delivery of local services; develop others to support small communities
• Taking note of significant events and community achievements
• Adult education for women, IT classes, computer classes, community awareness classes
• Community integration, English classes, adult literacy classes
• Wellbeing workshops; Coffee mornings
• Support the awareness of domestic violence, adult abuse, modern day slavery
• Signpost and support vulnerable women with no financial support